So, you have decided to sell your home, now what?  Well, if you are like most sellers, you want to get top dollar for your home and have the process happen both smoothly and quickly right? Additionally, you are looking for an agent and a reputable firm that you can trust and depend on throughout the process. This is where Elevate Real Estate comes into play.  When you choose Elevate Real Estate, you are choosing to work with not just a licensed a local real estate agent but also an agent with a background in interior design who also has contracting experience.

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent

  • Bachelors in Interior design

  • Experience in renovations

  • First hand knowledge on color selection and painting

  • Contacts with reputable contractors

THE PROCESS:  Evaluate, Enhance, and Market

When you decide to list your real estate property with Sadie Sininger at Elevate Real Estate, first focus on evaluating your home to determine its market value. She will then help you make enhancements that can add value to your property. Lastly, Sadie will price and market your home for top dollar!


Let’s be honest, most of us think we have an idea as to what the value of our home is after looking at a few open houses on our way home from running errands. The truth is that the real estate market is bit more complex, especially when determining an accurate market value as the inventory and market is constantly changing. The truth is that rarely are two homes exactly the same.

As a professional real estate agent in your area, Sadie lives and breathes real estate. She attends brokers open and constantly converse with other listing agents about the price points and status of different listings. The fact is that when listing a home, setting just the right price is extremely important to getting top dollar for your home. Price a home too low and you may end up leaving money on the table; Pricing it too high and you may get low offers or no offers at all. Sadie takes special attention to detail when comparing homes, combing through the details that make those minor differences that are important. Rest assure that she will be honest about our expert opinion whether it is higher or lower than what you expect, but remember the choice is always yours.


It’s no secret that adding curb appeal and making minor fixes around the house can increase the value of your home, but who has the time or the budget nowadays to call and schedule a variety of contractors? This is where Elevate Real Estate can really add value to you as the seller. Sadie can quickly provide you with estimated price points for minor upgrades such as painting or landscaping that won’t break the bank. Sadie’s network of painters, handymen and landscapers can make a daunting process become a simple and quick one.


First impressions are everything when showcasing your home.  This is where Sadie and her interior design background come into play (B.A. Cal State Long Beach). Sadie has the keen ability to make those color recommendations that will appeal to a larger audience.  She is helpful when it comes to decluttering the home and staging it to sell.  Her recommendations for quick and affordable enhancements and contracting are sure to make your home’s first impression a great one.


Having a successful open house is critical to securing multiple buyers.  Sadie will help prepare your home so that it showcases as best as possible. She will promote your home at Broker meetings and provide up to date information on MLS so that all real estate agents are aware of the date and time.  She can launch social media campaigns in specific territories to advertise your home to a target audience that is most likely to purchase. Flyers will be hand delivered to your neighborhood to get engagement followed by door knocking and personally inviting neighbors surrounding your home. Last but not least, we will be sure to have enough signage from every direction of your area to maximize on traffic to draw potential buyers to the open house.